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Enter for a chance to WIN
a $17,500 Kitchen Makeover!

Do you or someone you know need a kitchen makeover? Upload your photo and tell us why you or someone you know deserves to win a $17,500 kitchen makeover from Mr. Cabinet Care.

Prize: $17,500 Kitchen Makeover from Mr. Cabinet Care!

Mr. CabinetCare is one of OC's premiere kitchen remodeling companies. Mr. CabinetCare specializes in kitchen remodeling, cabinet refacing and bathroom remodeling.

Contest Information:

Submit your photo and vote for it and/or others. Ten finalists with the most votes will be selected at the end of the contest. One winner will be chosen by a panel of judges from Mr. Cabinet Care and Orange County Register.

*Increase your chances of receiving votes by encouraging your family and friends to vote by sharing the link through social media sites.

The winner will be notified on September 4 by a representative or Orange County Register or Mr. Cabinet Care.

Disclaimer: Anyone can enter but only Orange County residents are eligible to win. The contest is open to all ages (contestants under the age of 18 at time of entry must receive parental or guardian approval).

Promotional Dates: August 14, 2013 – September 2, 2013

Mr Cabinet Care OC Register
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Kitchen Makeover Contest

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