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Age:  2
City:  Huntington Beach
Costume:  Kiss
Lucas has the best sense of humor, he is such an awesome kid, we are so luck and love him so much!
Vote Totals:  0
Age:  3
City:  fullerton
Costume:  Ringo Starr
Wyatt loves to play his drums. His favorite song is "Yellow Submarine" by The Beatles!
Vote Totals:  1
Age:  2
City:  chicago
Costume:  Little old cat lady
What Lola wants, Lola gets.
Vote Totals:  0
Age:  6
City:  Huntington Beach
Costume:  Frankenstein
This is his first year of being something scary. He loved every frightening minute of it!
Vote Totals:  30
Age:  7
City:  Irvine
Costume:  Salmon Nigiri
Brea is a chatter box second grader. Loves school! She plays Girls Softball, tennis, and is learning to play the piano. Being a sushi for Halloween was her idea.
Vote Totals:  0
Age:  2 Months
City:  Orange, CA
Costume:  Chick
Emma is discovering the world!! She enjoys eating and sleeping :)
Vote Totals:  605
Age:  5
City:  Irvine
Costume:  Frankenstein
Beware of Frankenstein!!! Getting into the spirit of Halloween, Brandon expresses his most scary, monstrous look.
Vote Totals:  8
Age:  8
City:  Anaheim
Costume:  Pedestrian Crossing Sign
Sanaia is a very outgoing, fun, smart little girl. She loves to read mystey novels and make inventions at home. She is in fourth grade and wants to be the first female President of the United States!!!
Vote Totals:  3
Age:  5
City:  Laguna Niguel
Costume:  Viking Girl
She wanted to be a viking! I thought it would fun to make and would fit her personality. We made it from scratch, recycling a fur lined coat, and old metalic purse, a belt and some old metal shoe forms. She really got into character when she put it on!!
Vote Totals:  9
Age:  9
City:  Irvine
Costume:  Fortune Teller Home Made
Hawa is a funny bright child who likes to dance and sing. This year she wanted to be a fortune teller. Let Hawa read your fortune this Halloween.
Vote Totals:  10
Age:  9 weeks
City:  fountain valley
Costume:  giraffe
Lennon is 9 weeks old. He likes music, lights and cuddling with his parents.
Vote Totals:  4342
Age:  3
City:  Santa Ana
Costume:  Pirate
Friendly, but a little shy at first. Loves to go to her ballet class and meet new friends. Smart and loveable. Loves to go to Disneyland. Can't wait to to trick-o-treat for the first time.
Vote Totals:  4
Sawyer, Spencer, and Sadie
Age:  3, 8 months, 4
City:  Clinton
Costume:  Angry Bird Family
This is our Angry Bird family. They love playing Angry Birds in there costumes. Sawyer is a fun loving boy that is on the spectrum. He likes to play blocks and loves to have people sing to him. Spencer is a sweet little boy with a smile that lights up ...
Vote Totals:  0
Age:  5
City:  Santa Ana
Costume:  Pirate Captain
When a pirate is on the land
Vote Totals:  5
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Kids Halloween 2012

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