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Garden Grove
Age:  8
Breed:  Wire Haired Fox Terrior Mix
Favorite toy:  Stuffed squeaking bone
Molly is very loveable and talented. She sits up, shakes a paw, rolls over, turns around one way then the next, talks for her dinner and if you hide in the house she will find you. She is very sweet and gives soft kisses.
Vote Totals:  2
Huntington Beach
Age:  9
Breed:  Greyhound
Favorite toy:  Ugly doll
Kiowa is a retired racer who became a part of our family 4 years ago. He loves to walk to the beach every morning and around the neighborhood or nearby park a couple times a day. We brought him into our home when we had a small child and an ...
Vote Totals:  0
Boo Boo Blue
Age:  10 months
Breed:  Newfoundland
Favorite toy:  a green squeeky stuffed frog
Boo Boo Blue is a 10 month huge Newfie! He is adorable, friendly and loves all types of dogs! Boo Boo loves the water and has to be out with us anytime we are in the lake or the pool! Even though Boo Boo is 140 pounds he sometimes is ...
Vote Totals:  2
gidget magoo
laguna niguel,ca
Age:  12
Breed:  mix
Favorite toy:  mickey mouse doll.
likes to sleep,ride in car,loves the beach.
Vote Totals:  0
Age:  8
Breed:  Pomaranian
Favorite toy:  Tennis ball
He is loving, playful, affectionate, and loves to eat. His favorite thing to do is chase his tennis ball at the park. He makes lots of noises that makes us laugh because he sounds like he's trying to speak to us.
Vote Totals:  0
Rancho Santa Margarita
Age:  3
Breed:  Brittany
Favorite toy:  His bone
Ranger is a hunting dog and is very energetic! He is very friendly and loving. He loves to run and cool off in the river!
Vote Totals:  0
Costa Mesa
Age:  5 years
Breed:  Shih Tzu
Favorite toy:  Ball
Loves people, go on a neighborhood walk, play,, and loves treats
Vote Totals:  0
Fred Mesh
North Tustin
Age:  8 years
Breed:  Dachshund
Favorite toy:  stuffed animal on pic
Fred showed up at our door one day having decided he wanted to live with us. After an exhaustive search for his owner with no results, we adopted him back...He's small but mighty, funny and loving. He loves the doggy park and lights up our life!
Vote Totals:  0
Costa Mesa
Age:  10
Breed:  Pom
Favorite toy:  Padded sqeeky toy
A 10 year old Pom who thinks he is a 1year old pup. Loves to play.
Vote Totals:  0
Age:  10 weeks
Breed:  Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Favorite toy:  Stuffed Dinosaur
Allie is a sweet puppy who loves to play.
Vote Totals:  0
San Clemente
Age:  4
Breed:  Yorkie
Favorite toy:  fingers
Our10 year-old duaghter resuced this little guy! He loves to be scratched all over. Our older dog taught him how to bark! He's a perfect little additional to our family.
Vote Totals:  0
Sally Sue
Buena Park
Age:  6 years
Breed:  Chihuahua mix
Favorite toy:  monkeys
she's very sweet, well behaved and loves her monkey and treats.
Vote Totals:  0
Anaheim Hills
Age:  1
Breed:  Scottish Terrier
Favorite toy:  Rubber Turkey
Loves her rubber turkey! Keeps us on our toes with her energy. Loves to cuddle and play.
Vote Totals:  0
Anaheim Hills
Age:  5
Breed:  Min. Schnauzer
Favorite toy:  All Balls
Heidi is a great dog that is super affectionate. Loves every dog and person.
Vote Totals:  0
Anaheim Hills
Age:  8
Breed:  Min. Schnauzer
Favorite toy:  Rawhides
Loves to guard and rule the house. Love all her sisters toys! Especially the rawhides
Vote Totals:  0
Huntington Beach
Age:  4 months
Breed:  Yellow Lab
Favorite toy:  Stuffed Football
Duke's favorite hobbies are retrieving his favorite toy at the park, chasing other pups around the dog beach, and chewing on the newest pair of shoes. He is so full of energy, and an amazing dog that will always lift your spirits! He is a absolute joy to be around!
Vote Totals:  3
Mission Viejo
Age:  5 months
Breed:  Yorkie Poo
Favorite toy:  Her squeaky lamb
Tipsi loves her Kitty. They chase each other around the house and backyard. She loves to pick up the clothes my daughters leaves on her floor and carry them around. She's so sweet and fluffy, its like having a stuffed animal running around our home. She learned her name the ...
Vote Totals:  0
Rancho Santa Margarita
Age:  1.5 years
Breed:  Mix
Favorite toy:  Blair Witch Rope Toy
Izzy is a shy little girl who loves to snuggle and lick. She loves to bask in the sun and chase bugs and birds. She is also very fond of playing keep away from her family. Her favorite toy is a rope toy knotted into the shape of a stick ...
Vote Totals:  2
Age:  2 years old
Breed:  Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Favorite toy:  Stuffed Buckey Beaver
She's a fisty little angel that has added lots of love to our household, don't know what we would do without her. She thinks she's a person and wants her way... which she gets most of the time. In other words we really love her, like you all love your ...
Vote Totals:  1
Age:  4 1/2
Breed:  Husky mix
Favorite toy:  her brother
Zoey is energetic and enthusiastic, and her whole body wags when she is excited. She loves her family more than anything and always wants to steal the spotlight. Zoey likes wrestling, getting her belly rubbed, attention, and running sprints. She dislikes strangers knocking on the door, dogs who bark at ...
Vote Totals:  16
Age:  5
Breed:  Border Collie mix
Favorite toy:  Nylabone
Xero is one-of-a-kind and loves people. His likes include: chasing bugs, taking naps, howling at sirens, and wrestling with his (dog) sister. He dislikes: the ice cream man, garbage trucks, skateboards, motorcycles, and cats (with a passion). Although he is very serious and often gets mistaken for the Big Bad ...
Vote Totals:  16
Age:  14 years
Breed:  Shih-poo (Designer Dog today)
Favorite toy:  Lambchop hand puppet
From runt of litter to BIGGEST heart-stealer! At 10 pm every night he'd stare at me with his "I'm a dog; and even I know it's time to go to bed! look." He also knew the "worker is worthy of his wages" and would run and pick up his toy ...
Vote Totals:  0
Age:  2 years
Breed:  Miniature Dachshund
Favorite toy:  Squeaky Latex Donut
Libby is a rescue dog from Southern California Dachshund Relief. In the weeks before we adopted her she lived in 5 different places. We named her Libby because we "liberated" her and gave her a forever home. Having lived in so many temporary places it is not surprising that she ...
Vote Totals:  0
Halo Rodriguez
Tustin, CA
Age:  8 weeks
Breed:  Pitbull
Favorite toy:  Shoes
Halo is a very timid. He loves to play and chase us around the house. He's sweet and very cute!
Vote Totals:  0
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